About RDM Wholesale

In 1993, Robert and Diana Schlachter, with the help of Robert’s mother Marilyn Schlachter, founded RDM Sales & Service. They started the company in their garage, where Diana and Marilyn managed accounts, product orders, and warehouse logistics. Robert focused on sales.


In 1996, RDM officially became incorporated. The company’s growth necessitated a move to a larger space, the Jerome & Marilyn’s Farm shop building. Robert became a full-time employee, while Diana worked in healthcare at Best Chairs. Marilyn’s husband also joined the company after retiring.


RDM continued to grow, and Diana rejoined the company full-time. The company also expanded its operations to two locations: the old Best Chairs building and the original workshop on 23rd Street. The Schlachter children, Derek, Lauren, and Miranda, also helped out the company during breaks. Derek eventually became a part-owner of the company.

RDM acquired land from the Fischer family and built a new, larger facility to accommodate its operations. The company also formed RND Development to manage its property assets. RDM’s footprint grew to include the Casey’s General Store.


After careful consideration, RDM decided to divest its vending business and focus on wholesale ventures. The vending business was sold to the Canteen Company. RDM also realized that its large building was no longer necessary, so it sold it to the Seufert Construction Company. RDM moved to its current location on Main Street.


Today, RDM Sales & Service is a testament to the determination of a family. The company is rooted in its past, but it is also focused on the future. RDM’s evolution is a story of diligence, innovation, and adaptation.

Competitive Pricing

At RDM Wholesale, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing to our customers. Through strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers, we negotiate favorable deals to ensure that our wholesale prices are significantly lower than retail prices, allowing businesses to save on their procurement costs.

Wide Product Range

RDM Wholesale boasts an extensive product catalog, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. From office supplies and technology products to furniture, janitorial supplies, coffee, and food service items, we offer a comprehensive selection to fulfill all your business requirements conveniently under one roof.

Reliable Logistics

Our commitment to reliable logistics and distribution ensures that orders are processed swiftly and accurately, and products are delivered to our customers on time. With a robust distribution network in place, we prioritize efficiency and accuracy to guarantee that your products reach you promptly and in optimal condition.

Excellent Customer Service

Our dedicated team is responsive to inquiries, knowledgeable about our products and availability, and committed to addressing any issues or concerns promptly and effectively. Building strong relationships with our customers is at the core of our business ethos, ensuring that they receive the support and assistance they need every step of the way.

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